The NOMCAST is a movie podcast featuring reviews of Netflix Original Movies (NOMs), previews of NOMs coming soon, & interviews with members of the cast & crew of some of Netflix’s biggest releases.

Hosted by stand-up comedian & film critic Andrew Morgan, The NOMCAST breaks down the biggest Netflix Original Movies with special guests ranging from film professionals to critics/podcasters to his fellow comedians.

Examples of some of our guests include:

  • MICHAEL FIMOGNARI, Director/DP (To All The Boys 2 & 3; Doctor Sleep)
  • KATIE LOVEJOY, screenwriter (To All The Boys: Always and Forever)
  • LAURIE ROSE, Cinematographer (Rebecca; Overlord; Freaky; Free Fire)
  • ADRIAN PENG CORREIA, Cinematographer (“GLOW”; “The Flight Attendant”)
  • JORDYN DINATALE, actress (The Irishman; “Mindhunter”; “The Punisher”)
  • DAVID F. WALKER, comic book writer & film producer (Bitter Root)